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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fear of Death is Gone

After having a near-death experience (NDE), many people report that their fear of death is gone. That was certainly true for me after being so close to death during the fire. In fact, there have been numerous times since then when I have wanted to leave my body and go Home. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t react with panic if someone grabbed me in a dark parking lot and shoved a gun in my face. It means that when I think about dying, I have no worry about what is to come.

If we really believe that what exists on the other side is peace, joy, a reuniting with loved ones, and the absence of distress of any kind, we would not fear death. Near-death experiences give us insight on the Afterlife. Those who have visited the “Other Side” have amazing and comforting stories about what they experienced.


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