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Friday, October 3, 2008

Do Our Loved Ones Communicate With Us From the Other Side?

Yes, spirit communication with someone who has passed is not only possible, it is very likely that you will have some type of visitation from your deceased loved one, especially in the first few months. Have you noticed a bird that seems to be trying to get your attention? Have you been hearing the deceased person's favorite song over and over? Are you having dreams about the person that seem "too" real to just be a dream?

If you have lost someone you love, you can be assured that they are near you and want to communicate with you, if you will allow it. Communicating with deceased loved ones is much easier and more common than you might think. This book will show you how to tune in and teach you what to watch for. More and more people are beginning to talk about their experiences and as a result, this book is enhanced with true stories about those who have communicated with the spirits of deceased loved ones. These visitors always have a message--many simply want their family to know that they are alive and doing well, and that it is okay to move on without them. Some souls report that they have missions to accomplish in the Afterlife.


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Mish said...

Receiving information from those that have passed is possible. I have had many experiences communicating with my own relatives - and have received information for other peoples. I am a medium as they say. you can read my blog to help me through my spiritual journey and understanding - I can always use more insight.

Great read here thanks