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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to the Hospital

Nanny had to be taken back to the hospital on Thursday because her oxygen level was low and the doctor could not prescribe oxygen for in-home use without seeing the patient, so Mom had to call an ambulance to transport Nanny back to the hospital. The first x-ray revealed pneumonia in her left lung so she is on antibiotic for that, but she also has an infection in her blood. I don't know what that means. The MRI of her stomach and abdomen did not show where the infection in her blood is coming from. They will do another test in the morning. Thankfully, my uncle is taking two 24-hour shifts at the hospital to stay with Nanny this week to let my mom rest and get some of her pies made for Thanksgiving. Mom plans to have everyone over regardless of the situation. We tried to talk her into canceling it this year, but she wouldn't hear of it. She has extra help lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday.


The surgeon took a look at Nanny's second x-ray today and said the surgery to repair Nanny's hip did not "take" as he had hoped. It will not heal in a manner that will allow it to support her weight and function correctly. The option is a total hip replacement surgery but he didn't think she was strong enough for it since she had just come through surgery, has an infection, a blood clotting disorder, a touch of emphysema, and pneumonia. Even if they could do the surgery, there would be no guarantee that it would hold and heal properly due to her advanced stage of osteoporosis. The sad truth is that she will never be able to walk again. That does not mean she can't live a quality life, she just won't be able to go on her weekly trips to the grocery store, Sam's Club, and the Wal-Mart because she can't get in and out of the car. It is sad to see her unable to care for herself and others as she has always done.

On a good note, she is supposed to go home tomorrow (Sunday) if everything checks out okay with her bladder. The healthcare company has delivered a hoist to my parent's home so they can get her in and out of bed without hurting their backs. We have to care for the caregiver. We certainly can't have Mom being out of commission. At least Nanny will be able to get up and sit in a wheelchair. Her arm is healing nicely.


Nanny did not get to go home from the hospital today but hopefully she will tomorrow. She says I visited her in spirit this morning. That's possible. I had a visitation from her son, my uncle Edmond early this morning. He is waiting for her on the Other Side.

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