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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Day After Surgery

Nanny was doing great yesterday and her doctor spoke of her going home in a couple of days. Today, her blood platelet count is low and they don't know why. They took her to have an ultrasound to check her spleen and other organs for internal bleeding. Her blood sugar has also been elevated since she arrived so they want to make sure her pancreas is okay. She is talking out of her head today even though she hasn’t had any narcotics for pain. They tell us it is normal for an elderly person to respond like that after surgery.

The physical therapist came by and helped Nanny get into a chair this morning. She was actually able to bear weight on her left leg long enough to stand up while transitioning. She is doing small foot and leg movements/exercises to preserve muscle tone while recovering.

Nanny is in very good spirits and her mind is alert. We will be taking her home in a couple of days where she will have therapists and an aide coming three times a week to assist. Nanny lives with my parents and we do plan to bring her home. We promised her years ago that we would never place her in a facility where we could not be with her around the clock. Mom has two sisters and one brother living. One sister has terminal cancer and is in hospice at home, so we are also caring for her. My dad has diabetes so he has to be looked after too. Nanny will be transported home via ambulance.

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