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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Day Nanny Had Hip Surgery

Surgery went well. She'll be in recovery unit until about 9 p.m. then returned to a private room. The surgeon told us he had it fixed to heal properly. However, we were told that she will be using a wheelchair for months (possibly from now on).

I offered to stay at the hospital with Nanny so my mom could go home and rest. Mom says she's afraid I can't handle it if Nanny were to pass during my watch. I assured her that Nanny and I have both been to the Other Side and back and that we have an understanding rather than a fear of such things.

Nanny is resting in her room now, but she was freaking out when she first came back because she thought she was in a nursing home. When she heard MawMaw's (my mom) voice, she calmed down and her BP went into normal range. There was no way Mom would leave her there alone tonight so I came back to the house to rest up. That way I'll be fresh to let Mom come home and rest tomorrow when Nanny is more coherent. The nurses have been very attentive to her and I feel confident that they will make sure Mom and Nanny have all they need throughout the night. They had brought clear liquids and were helping her sip through a straw when I was leaving. So, all in all, things are going well. By the way, It's her right side that was injured.

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