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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Most Souls Attend Their Own Funerals

According to South African Shaman, Tommy Mueller, most souls attend their own funerals, and that spirit guides converse with one another at these events. He says to never go to the funeral of someone you don’t like and pretend to be paying homage to them. The deceased spirit is very likely to be hanging out with the family during the “laying in state” and memorial services. Spirits can read the inner thoughts of every person regardless of the behavior they put on for the family. The deceased spirit is agitated and sometimes angered by the two-faced behavior of those they thought were their friends. Yes, spirits still have emotions!

Spirits waiting on the other side for the soul who just passed are also in attendance at funerals and ceremonies, and they rejoice that the soul has been freed from the limitations of the human body. They see life as simply a lesson learned and a contribution to humanity and the planet, but they do not mourn; only humans mourn. Contrary to popular opinion and the vision of the movie industry, spirits do not generally hang out in graveyards. They want to be around people, and funerals are an ideal gathering place for them. They are able to interact with human beings and may choose to visit their loved ones. This does not mean that they are anchored to the earth plane. Without a dense body they are free to be in more than one place at a time.

A dishonest visitor stole the ring off a corpse on the “showroom floor” (the funeral home). The daughter of the deceased was very upset and told a friend about it. The friend recommended a visit to Tommy Mueller. During the reading a spirit guide who had witnessed the crime gave an exact description of the thief—someone who had been in attendance the day the ring was stolen.

Mueller says that the personality of a soul continues in the afterlife. Otherwise you wouldn’t be you! Jesus Christ appeared to his friends after his death and resurrection in a new type of spiritual body. Many people recognized him not only by his physical appearance but by his character and personality. They didn’t recognize him until he broke the bread in the same manner as he did before his death. (Luke 24:28-31). Both before and after his death Jesus showed frustration that his disciples didn’t believe the truths he had revealed to them. This seems to indicate that whatever beliefs a person holds in consciousness at the time of death will continue to exist until they are resolved and the soul moves on to another plane or mission.

The “Tibetan Book of the Dead” describes an intermediate state called “bardo” which an individual enters after death. The Sanskrit word “bardo” refers to the 49-day period between death and rebirth during which a soul is adjusting or acclimating. This is the time that one is most likely to encounter deceased loved ones. That causes me to wonder whether there are stages to entering the Afterlife similar to the way a soul comes in gradually as a fetus developing in a mother’s womb. Perhaps “bardo” is the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” mentioned in Psalms 23 of the Bible.

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