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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knowing In Advance That Someone Has Died

Have you ever had an experience where you just “knew” something significant was occurring and yet you couldn’t explain it at the time? Linda Jones-Ellis tells about communicating telepathically with her dying co-worker who then affirmed, after his death, that he had received her message:

Ken was a handsome Rock Hudson-like gay guy whom women loved and admired. He and I worked together in the real estate business and were not all that close until I walked into the office one night and found him cleaning out his desk and packing his belongings. He was leaving the company because of a horribly rude comment a co-worker had made in which she told him people were only pretending to like him. She said that everyone knew he was gay and that no one liked him, and that they were laughing at him behind his back. I was able to help him see that this woman was lying as it was common for her to manipulate and upset people, and get them into trouble in any way she could. Ken's co-workers loved him dearly and were not talking critically of him at all. Ken was thankful for my explanation and made the decision not to leave the company.

About that time Ken had a farm listed for sale and I had a client who wanted to purchase the property. Ken and I made the 150 mile round-trip several times working on this sale. That is when we began to get to know one another, and I learned that he had AIDS. His parents refused to accept that he was gay or support him in any way. Ken's parents rejected him and all the friends and co-workers who did support him.

When Ken became too ill to care for himself, his friends at the real estate office took turns sitting with him day and night. When we received the call that Ken probably would not make it through the night, I jumped into the car with another co-worker and off we went to be with Ken in his final hours. On the way there she asked, “What are you going to say to him?”

“If I get the chance, I'm going to ask him to let me know he's okay when he gets to the other side,” I answered.

“You're NOT going to ask him that, Linda!”

“Only if it seems right,” I replied. I was deep in thought.

When we arrived, there were so many of Ken's friends and co-workers present we had to wait in line just to get a chance to see him for ten minutes. When my turn came I took Ken's hand and looked into his eyes. Our eyes seemed locked into eternity and I didn't have to say a thing. All the love inside us merged and I just knew that everything I had wanted to say was being downloaded into him. When I left his room, I burst into tears. Ken passed a few hours later.

The next morning a Teri, a co-worker, phoned me and said, “Linda, the strangest thing happened last night and you are the only person I can tell this to who might understand.”

“I got the call this morning. Ken passed last night,” I said.

“I know,” she said, “but he came to see me when I was in the shower last night! I was getting ready to go and sit with him for the night shift. He appeared in front of me while I was shampooing my hair.” He said, ‘Hi Teri!’, and I said, “Ken, you look great”, and he said, 'I feel great!'. Then I heard other voices saying, 'Come on Ken. If you're going with us, you have to come NOW!'”

Teri said, “At that moment my roommate walked in to tell me that she had received a call and that Ken had passed. I told her, “I know, he just came by to visit me while I was in the shower!”

I believed Teri. I knew that her experience was real. At the funeral, Teri and I were the only ones there with dry eyes. We were actually smiling!

As the days went by I frequently thought about Ken and wondered if he would let me hear from him. Late one night I was lying on my side in bed when I felt the weight of someone sitting down on the bed behind me. I panicked and wondered whether I had locked my doors before retiring. Instantly and without moving I thought, “Ken! Is that you?” The mattress moved downward the way it would if someone quickly pushed the weight of their hand on it, just behind my back. I knew that signaled “yes”!

I turned to look for him and saw a light at the foot of my bed. It was a white light, as bright as a welding torch flame and I knew in my heart it was Ken. I remembered my dad saying you shouldn't look at a welder's flame because it would damage your eyes. I hid my face in my pillow, and cried out, “Ken, I'm scared.”

In that instant he was gone, but I knew with all my heart that Ken had come to let me know he was okay. Berating myself for being afraid when I had asked for contact, I continued to try to communicate to him that if he would come again I would not be afraid.

Six months later Ken came to me in a dream in which I was giving a report to some people located to my far right. Ahead of me and slightly to my left was an open doorway where Ken appeared with his right hand in his pocket, casually leaning his left side against the door frame. He was making contact with the people to my far right and during their exchange I had an opportunity to just observe him. Slowly he turned his head, and smiling, looked straight at me. “Are you surprised to see me?” he asked sweetly.

As my heart swelled with joy, I smiled back while shaking my head indicating “No.” Then he walked forward and embraced me. Instantly I awoke from the dream, but I will never forget how it felt to connect with him again.

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