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Friday, July 3, 2009

Seeing Ghosts and Departed Loved Ones

Why do some people see, hear or sense the presence of departed loved ones, angels or spirit guides while others do not? Possibly some people are more psychic than others because they have been equipped or gifted with these tools in order to fulfill their life’s mission.

Maybe they are here to serve as intuitive healers, psychic detectives, spiritual readers—occupations that require the ability to converse with the other side. I believe that everyone has some degree of psychic ability that can be developed. Maybe you hear and see in the spirit world, but don’t acknowledge it or want to admit it!

Jesus said over and over again, “Blessed are those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Perhaps he was referring to those who can see through the veil that separates the world of physical and non-physical. Some say that seeing is believing, but I think that one must believe before they can see. Everything that we call “reality” exists because we believed, at some point, that it could be. Whether it’s drawing a picture, rearranging your furniture, decorating a cake, making a golf shot or inventing a new tool; whenever you create something, you at least have a mental concept of what it might look like or how it might operate. The Bible says that God calls those things that are not, as if they already are. In other words, what you believe affects what you experience. The good news is you can always change what you believe! Following are some ways to enhance your ability to see and hear in other dimensions and to interact with angels and deceased loved ones:
  • Practice thoughts of non-separation (believe you can see/hear)
  • Remove limiting beliefs and self-talk
  • Heal past wounds that block the psychic gateways
  • Practice energy work (such as Reiki) to remove clutter from your auric field or space
  • Train your eye to see finer vibrations (learn to read auras). Also watch for plasma splotches or multi-colored sparkling light trails when in a dark or dimly lit room. You may get mental pictures rather than seeing with your physical eyes.
  • Listen quietly during meditation. The most common way people experience the Other Side is through an internal voice that may sound like their own voice or the voice of their loved one.
  • Be aware of an energy shift around you or a change in temperature in the environment. This may feel similar to the times when you’ve caught someone staring at you from across the room—you could “feel” them looking at you.
  • Trust any sense of “knowing” you get. We all have intuition!

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Sun Singer said...

These are all great ideas. Energy work such as reiki and other methods of absent or contact healing can very much sensitize a person to all that is around him/her. Plus, such work represents sharing and service to others.