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Friday, November 20, 2009

Becoming Open to Spirit Communication & Mediumship

Some people are more open to having the spirits visit them. Others may be mediums and not know it. They may not be aware that spirits are coming to them. They may just feel drained or vulnerable.

I used to pray for the gift of discerning spirits. I also asked that the eyes of my spirit be opened. I wanted to see Jesus (which I never did) and also to see what type of entities were at work when someone asked me to pray for them. I did spiritual warfare or exorcism (which I do NOT recommend) for many years and the intercession wore me out. I didn't realize that I was an empath and that I was taking on the energy of the person I was trying to help. Since then, I've denounced all vows I might have taken in past lives in which I agreed to serve as an empath. I've put strong boundaries of protection around me from detrimental energy. This is very important if you are going to engage in any type of healing, clearing, or energy work.

You've heard it said, What you think about comes about. During my church years, I was constantly engaged in battle with what I thought were evil spirits, so I began to create that reality and found myself in a vicious cycle of endless battle. When I stopped believing in a devil (Satan) or evil spirits, the battle stopped. Once I left the church, I still had spiritual encounters, but not in a negative manner. The interaction I now have with the spirit world is peaceful; and rather than calling them to me, the souls find me on their own.

You can ask for spirits to visit you, but it is very important that you focus on the light and have your heart filled with love and peace. This raises your vibration so that you attract loving souls who truly desire help you or who want to be part of your team. By team, I mean we have around us many spirit guides, angels, fairies, elementals, and other energetic beings who are wiser than us. They assist us on our journey. Then, we also have some beings who hang around us simply to learn from us or because they enjoy our energy field. This is fine as long as you set boundaries that they are to observe only and not to interfere in any way with your free will or feed off your energy.

If you plan to start opening yourself to mediumship, it's very important that you set boundaries as to what you will and will not allow spirit beings to do. Ask for your highest guides and angels of light to protect you. Do some research and read enlightening material to learn the best way to go about it. Make it a daily practice of meditating and simply raising your own vibration.

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Mr Lee Dong said...

In your church days did you ever get baptized in the holy spirit and speak in tongues, etc and how is your relationship today with the holy spirit? Curious, because it isn't everyday that someone leaves Christianity for a mediumship career or like me leaving Christianity soon after receiving the baptism of the holy spirit, "thats blasphemy you know the only unforgivable sin", says Jesus! I have to tell you thats one of proudest moment in life!