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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Purpose of Suffering

There is an order to the Universe and there is perfection in everything, even if we can't see it. Everything that exists, exists as it is for the purpose of Spirit knowing itself. There is someone in control and that is you. You the Spirit, you the consciousness, you the soul are constantly creating your reality. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of how this creation process occurs; otherwise we would all be happy. Some say desire is the mitigating factor of creation but not at the level we have generated most of the desires we have today.

The initial desire to be a self-aware autonomous entity pervades every moment we exist on this earth plane, because that is the underlying reason the soul chooses to journey here. However, while we are existing here more and more desires and needs of our ego come into play and spiritual freedom becomes difficult to remember. Eventually, the reason for living becomes a forgotten memory causing us to wonder if we ever had a purpose for existing. The challenges and difficulties originally created in order for the soul to grow and evolve are now perceived as dark and evil energies creating havoc on the earth plane instead of the illusion of duality needed in order to experience contrast.

We are not in a constant war of good and evil, we are in a constant journey of self-exploration and discovery leading us back home. There is no universal law that dictates we must suffer through our entire existence in order to be worthy to God. Suffering is a catalyst for soul growth and evolution for those seeking to dwell in a higher level of consciousness. Although suffering may be a valuable tool for growth, pushing us to reach into higher realms we should not have to endure it endlessly in order to get into heaven.

Disease, tension, conflict, disharmony, lack and limitation are all ways in which our Souls reflect back to us what needs to be transcended in each lifetime or in other words what areas need greater understanding and knowledge. Your life is your messenger in the perfection of the universe. Spirit is perfect, I doubt anyone can find flaw in the source therefore existence is perfect because it comes from the source. Only perfection can come from perfection. If we start to see our lives through the eye of perfection our perception will change accordingly. A perception based on the concept that we are all perfect and equal and only creating difficult realities for the soul to grow and evolve permits much room for forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, understanding and compassion.

What we are lacking is the discernment needed in order to see how divinely perfect we really are. Every situation and circumstance is perfect because it is bringing you into greater awareness of the Spirit that you are. When you have experienced and realized all that your soul is seeking to know about existence, those painful situations and circumstances will no longer be of any use. Our souls do not cause strife and struggle so it can experience pain over and over again. We create challenges so that one day we can truly enjoy existence. You cannot enjoy existence if you feel inadequate, unworthy or less than whole because lack will surround you at every turn. You cannot find peace if you are attached to your family and friends for a sense of happiness because they will not always be in your life in that specific capacity. You cannot enjoy life if you are unable to accept each moment as it is before seeking to change it because you will be resisting your own self first. You cannot enjoy your reality if you believe you are not the one creating it because you will always be worried about what could happen next.

However, you will eventually arrive at a place where very little bothers you. You will naturally react with love to everyone around you regardless of how abrasive or ignorant they may have seemed in the past. This love that emanates from you will also affect those whom you connect with. Everything is energy and we are always affecting and being effected by others. You will have to try very hard to experience anger because you have expanded so much your stillness softens everything. Your open heart will help others to realize that we are all beautiful loving beings doing the best we can. Your placid mind will open others up to new horizons previously hidden by fear. You will be the peace the world is waiting for. Let us live in a constant space of joy where heaven can be found. It is time for us to embrace our divinity and begin expressing this aspect of ourselves, that is the only way we can return home.

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