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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Signs That a Spirit is Trying to Communicate with You

This week, someone asked me, "How can I know if my deceased mom is trying to communicate with me?"

I suggested that she look for different ways that her mom might give her a sign that she's near. "You may hear a favorite song of hers, see a food that she used to cook for you when you were little, smell her perfume, or recognize/find something that was hers, come across a photo, see someone who looks like her, etc." I told her.

The woman replied, "It's so hard to know what is actually "a sign" and what is just me thinking of her, or what's a coincidence ("Oh, look - Mom used to like to cook that" or "that lady is wearing the sam perfume Mom used to like ..." or "she looks kinda like Mom."

So everyone can benefit from what I shared with her, I'll post the comments I made to her.

How else can your mom let you know it's her? Some newly-crossed spirits haven't learned how to manipulate physical energy to move objects, but they can telepathically impress upon others to do things such as play a certain song, spray on a particular perfume when getting dressed, or ask you to out to dinner and then order something your mom loved to cook. Haven't you ever thought of someone and then he or she called or emailed you the next day or two?

One thing of the hardest things about spirit communication is believing when you have encountered a spirit--especially if your gift is not that of clairvoyance--to trust what messages you receive; and that just comes with acknowledging signs and communicating like you believe they really are listening.

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